Bloodborne Kart stopped at the starting line: Sony intervenes

Bloodborne Kart, the good-naturedly crazy idea of ​​making us experience Yharnam aboard a kart (including bosses) will have to postpone its release which was now imminent and change its name, so as to no longer exploit the brand owned by Sony. This was made known by Lilith Walter, who has been working on this tribute/spin-off for many years, after having also signed the popular demake of the exclusive title for PS4.\r\nWith a video published on the official channel, we learn that Sony has contacted Walter to ask that the Bloodborne brand not be associated with the production. As explained in the official note, which we translate in full:\r\n\r\n«So, Sony contacted us.\r\nTo make a long story short, we need to remove the branding from what was previously known as Bloodborne Kart. We will, but it will require a little delay. Don’t worry, the game will still arrive, it will just look a little different!\r\nWe don’t have a new release date yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as there is one. Frankly, we expected something like this to happen, and the idea of ​​having full creative control is kind of exciting!\r\nIn any case, thank you all for your understanding!».\r\n\r\nL he idea of ​​the game is to experience crazy kart races in scenarios well known to lovers of Bloodborne, and not only: the game would also have included twelve different characters, sixteen maps and a complete single-player campaign, in addition to multiplayer in split-screen.\r\nIt was also confirmed that there would be some inevitable boss fights with known enemies from Bloodborne.\r\n\r\nIt remains to be seen how much of this will have to be changed, or whether the contents will be able to remain roughly similar, once the references to the Bloodborne brand have been removed.\r\nIt will be curious to find out when the game, which was born as an April Fool’s joke after the success of Bloodborne Demake, finds a date for the final release, which will be free. \r\nIn the meantime, in the comments on the video there are many fans who are ironic, underlining that they are surprised by the fact that Sony remembered that Bloodborne exists.\r\nThe reference is to the fact that, from its release in 2015 to today, there are millions of fans who hope either for a 60 fps porting of the game to PS5, or for a new chapter signed FromSoftware. For the moment, however, Yharnam is more silent and taciturn than ever.

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