Biomutant agrees with the reviews: a patch will radically change it

Experiment 101 , the software house responsible for the development of Biomutant , has announced that the team is working on a large number of improvements that will optimize all aspects that have failed to win the favor of the public and critics.

The action RPG published by THQ Nordic should have seen the light in the course of 2019 (with an announcement dated 2017) but, due to a small team and the iron will to avoid the crunch, the wait is prolonged longer than expected.

The Swedish studio has never made any secret of the philosophy that animated the creation of Biomutant and, a few months ago, it had already stated in an exhaustive way on the protracted absence of the title, also justifying it with the willingness to deliver a product that is as bug-free as possible.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to try the game and want to get an idea of ​​what awaits you in this new RPG, we recommend that you read the in-depth review by our Paolo Sirio, who has adequately analyzed its lights and shadows.

Through a tweet, the developers reassured the community about what will be possible to see in Biomutant in the near future .

This is a product that is not free from defects (as pointed out in the review), which can be found on the technical side, on that of the combat system and on a general lack of variety capable of undermine the general enjoyment of the work .

The opinion of the press was basically uniform, with inevitable positive and negative peaks and a score on Metacritic anchored at 6.4 (for the PC version).

Aware of the not entirely exciting situation, the developers have communicated their strategy through the following tweets (via PCGamesN ).

« We are working on an update for Biomutant which we look forward to deliver to fans soon .

In all likelihood, we will release the update first on PC and later on console.

You can expect a large number of bug fixes and numerous other changes requested by the community . »

This communication was accompanied by a further clarification, in which the Experiment 101 team disclosed more details on what the actual content of the improvements will be:

« We are working on the rhythm of the dialogues, on the difficulty , on the audio and video settings such as depth of field and motion blur, on the loot system and on that of combat ».

As you may have noticed, these are a large number of changes, many of which are related to the flaws highlighted by our review and by much of the international press.

A great deal of work is required to obtain a real redemption and we hope that the Biomutant team will be able to achieve its noble objectives while keeping intact the working approach that has characterized it so far .

As many will know, the product was launched on old-gen consoles and on PC, with the possibility of playing it in backwards compatibility mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, an option that created some problems for the developers as for the Sony console.

This is not the only game born on old-gen and subsequently “stumbled” on the machine of the Japanese giant: the same Mass Effect Legendary Edition , which just preceded the launch of Biomutant found superior performance on Microsoft’s flagship.

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