Before saying goodbye, Tango updates Hi-Fi Rush for the last time

Hi-Fi Rush really wants to play until the end, because Tango Gameworks has released the last update for the musical action before the entire studio says goodbye to the world of video games forever.\r\nThe development team has indeed been involved in the recent layoffs by Xbox that have shaken the market in recent days, this is why Hi-Fi Rush will not officially have a future.\r\nAnd, although Xbox has expressed its desire to have more games like Hi-Fi Rush (. ..), the incoming production update will be the last news we will have on the game.\r\n”Today we released a patch that resolves some remaining issues”, declares Tango Gameworks via social media.\r\nHere what’s new published in the patch notes:\r\nPlayStation 5 and PC\r\n\r\n(Track 01) After reducing QA-1MIL to zero health, a collision issue occurred where players would fall from the geometry. Chai will now correctly fall to the ground, instead of into the abyss.\r\n(Track 01) Fixed an issue during the second half of the 2D area where the camera would not follow Chai when the elevator in elevation falls.\r\ n(Track 02) Fixed a bug where if you touched Rekka during her electrical charge, your final rank would not correlate to the choir’s score.\r\nSome issues occurred when attempting to use Macaron’s gravity well while charging rhythmic parry of an enemy. Well, now that’s fixed!\r\n(Track 03) Cutscenes previously did not play correctly if a health tank was consumed during the fight with the HG-0G. Feel free to block a few more shots with your face because this bug has been fixed!\r\nFixed various text issues.\r\n\r\nPlayStation 5\r\n\r\n(Track 01) During the tutorial “Dodge Attack,” there was a discrepancy between what Smidge said and the lyrics. The text will .\r\n\r\nAll platforms\r\n\r\n(Track 01) We have also fixed other issues during QA-1MIL combat, particularly regarding transitions between stages.\r\nFixed even more text bugs! They just don’t stop!\r\nDrink prices have been adjusted in Vandelay vending machines to reflect the local currency conversion.\r\n\r\nHi-Fi Rush is therefore saying goodbye to us like this, while you can continue listening to his wonderful soundtrack thanks to the vinyls you find on Amazon.\r\n”Thanks for all your support and keep rocking!”, says Tango Gameworks greeting all its audience.\r\nWe hope there is still a way to celebrate this wonderful title, perhaps with the physical version which still seems to be on the way.

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