Battlefield V and the single player: we want you to feel despair

We are identifying two currents of thought, among the great shooters of our era: that of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which said goodbye in toto the campaign in favor of the ever-popular online experience, and that of Battlefield V, which instead revive the war stories to make you live the battlefield and its protagonists closely.

Talking about the topic was the design director Daniel Berlin, who during an interview granted to his colleagues at PCGamesN explained that the intent was clear: making players feel desperate that was felt during the war.
Battlefield V: war and despair
Video games can do a lot of things, according to Berlin: including making us feel completely immersed in a situation that we have never really experienced.
Regarding the war stories you can play in Battlefield V, the author explained:

The reception for this story, in fact, was excellent, to the point of having convinced the development team to make the story of the tanks again a protagonist:

The protagonists of the story, in this case, will be the German soldiers. We will discover their motivations and why they will find themselves at the point we already know, in the Second World War. According to Berlin:

L & # 8217; historical accuracy of the Stories of Battlefield V
Berlin also wanted to clarify that the Battlefield V Stories will be based on historical accuracy. As for multiplayer, however, everything will be more free and you can see things freely interpreted by the developers.
The design director explained:

Battlefield V vs. Call of Duty: why keep the single player?
The question obviously also shifted to why Battlefield V decided, contrary to the direct competitor Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, to also hold the campaign for the individual player.
However, DICE has had very clear ideas, although he has evaluated the hypothesis: there are still many people playing for the single player and the Stories of War have also won the hearts of the developers:

We remind you that Battlefield V is coming on November 15th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Have you already seen the video review dedicated to the game?
Source: PCGamesN

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