Batman Fortnite Zero Point, the Panini comic is selling like hot cakes

It has been for several years now that Fortnite is not simply a video game, but it is a real promotional showcase to be accessed to address a young and vast audience. So we have seen a succession of collaborations and hosted of all kinds, between famous brands that have seen their in-game products included and characters who have indulged in raids on the island of battle royale – last, only in order of time, the tenacious Aloy by Horizon: Zero Dawn .

Now it’s Batman ‘s turn. The legendary Dark Knight of the house DC is in fact the protagonist of Batman Fortnite Punto Zero , a series of limited edition comics that is literally selling like hot cakes . Composed of six volumes , this series tells the moment when the most famous detective in the world finds himself dragged, by a mysterious rift, into the world of Fortnite . Here, deprived of his memory, the hero must fight between chaos and struggle, in an attempt to remember the past and escape the loop in which he finds himself trapped.

The cover of Batman Fortnite Point Zero # 1

The series is coming published from 20 April simultaneously in the USA, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and the Czech Republic. In Italy it is published by Panini Comics and, although the first issue is has already evaporated, you can already get your hands on the precious second release – before runs out at lightning speed like the first – on Amazon. The price of the books is € 3 for each.

As explained by Epic Games on its official website, each volume includes a code for digital items to be redeemed in Fortnite , obviously with a DC theme :

[…] starting with the new Harley Quinn – Rebirth costume. As an added reward, players who redeem all six codes from each of the comic’s six numbers will unlock the new Armored Batman Zero costume!

An excerpt from # 2 of Batman Fortnite Point Zero

If you really can’t find all the numbers of the comic, you will also find these digital items in the in-game Item Shop, simultaneously with the release of the volume they are paired with.

Below, the dates of the various releases for Italy:

  • # 1 – April 20
  • # 2 – May 4th
  • # 3 – May 18th
  • # 4 – June 1st
  • # 5 – June 15th
  • # 6 – 6 July

At the moment, the bonuses contained in the volumes after the first have not yet been announced, but we recommend that you keep an eye on the official website of Epic Games and Panini for anything that moves about.

If you want to buy volume # 2 of Batman Fortnite Punto Zero , you can already do it at this link.

The series will consist of six issues

How to redeem Batman Fortnite Zero Point codes in Fortnite

The procedure indicated by Epic is as follows:

  1. Went to this address on the official site;
  2. Select your platform or log in with Log in with Epic Games, if you already have an account;
  3. Type or copy-paste the code in “Enter the access code”;
  4. Select “Redeem”;
  5. Verify that it has been redeemed and select “Activate”;
  6. Start Fortnite with the Epic account with which you redeemed the item;
  7. Select Battle Royale;
  8. You will receive a box with the unlocked items. Here, select Equip or Redeem to close. The items are now available in the locker.

Please note that you have until May 1, 2025 to redeem the codes included in the comics .

If you want to take home the second issue of Batman Fortnite Punto Zero right away, take advantage of the availability on Amazon.

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