Batman: Arkham Legacy is the next game from Warner Bros. Montreal?

We may have come to the end, or almost, of the long pre-reveal journey of the next Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment game, the Batman studio: Arkham Origins.

According to the Insider Sabi , known for having virtually unveiled all the major announcements of E3 2019 (including the entire Bethesda, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and Dragon Ball Z Kakarot conference), the title in question would be called Batman: Arkham Legacy .

In one of his tweets, Sabi explained that “the family playable thing” would seem true within Arkham Legacy, or a series of main characters and not just one protagonist.

Thomas Polito, another well-known insider on the comic book-based scene, also supported Sabi’s information with a gif that reads “is the truth”.

In short, we are not official but finally there seem to be the credible clues about the future of Batman from a gaming perspective.

It is not clear when a formal announcement should arrive, at this point, and the timing of the reveal will inevitably depend on the current-gen, cross-gen or next-gen of production.

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