Batman: Arkham Knight will soon receive a “new” skin

Batman: Arkham Knight will soon receive a “new” skin, as revealed by the official Twitter account of the developer Rocksteady.

The Earth 2 Dark Knight skin will arrive in the PlayStation version 4 of the game after a long, and very curious, pilgrimage. To get it, just own a copy of the game.

Earth 2 Dark Knight was in fact originally launched at a PlayStation E3 2015 event, exclusively through a code redeemable by the participants.

In 2016, it then rose within a promotion targata Mountain View, clearly reserved for the North American public.

Last year, it was offered as part of the added content of the Batman: Arkham Collection compilation, which includes all three titles of the saga made by Rocksteady .

In July 2019, the software house had promised that at the beginning of this year the skin would also become available to owners of the smooth game, which will actually happen on the 28th January, although always only on PS4.

The epic of Earth 2 Dark Knight is unusually tortuous and above all ends in a momen to where the studio ended in the strictest secrecy about its next game.

Rocksteady has repeatedly skipped the public events expected by fans, being forced to apologize on social media for the disappointment caused.

According to rumors, it would be a Superman title that could even arrive exclusively for the Xbox Series X or be presented at the Xbox conference for E3 2020.

Source | Kotaku

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