Baldur’s Gate 3, fans reveal all the secrets that (perhaps) you missed

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an adventure so full of secrets and Easter eggs that it has made it practically impossible to see everything the game has to offer in a single run: Larian Studios has therefore managed to create not only an adventure capable of entertain for many hours, but also highly replayable.\r\nThe heir of the legendary role-playing games (find the first two chapters on Amazon) takes user choices into particular consideration, providing to all intents and purposes a personalized adventure that could reveal itself to be unique for each player.\r\nIf you are curious to find out what secrets you may have missed during your runs, TheGamer reports an interesting open thread on Reddit, in which fans have listed many curiosities, hidden objects and scenes that may not have appeared in your run.\r\nFor obvious reasons, we must warn you before continuing that you may encounter some spoilers on the plot, so we advise you to read only if you have already finished the game or if you are curious is such that it ignores any danger.\r\n\n\t\t\n\t\n\n\r\nIt starts with a secret in the highest area of ​​the Arcane Tower, an area available only after reaching the ‘Act 2: you may in fact find a bizarre stool on which, once you sit on it, it will allow you to have the bonus of the Strength of the Hill Giants… but only as long as you remain seated on it.\r\nAn object therefore quite useless, unless you decide to attack it and break it: doing this will allow you to collect one of its legs to obtain the Hill Giants’ Mace of Strength, an exclusive weapon that you will probably have missed. After all, who would ever attack a stool?\r\nAnother curiosity concerns an exclusive epilogue for Lae’zel, our favorite Githyanki warrior: if during Act 1 you choose to collect an egg from the Asylum during your research for a cure, you may want to make sure our companion keeps it in her inventory throughout the rest of the campaign.\r\nIf you beat the game by making sure she keeps it with her at all times, it will be revealed during the epilogue that Lae’zel chose to raise him as his son: a very interesting epilogue, especially if you intend to make his romance.\r\nAfter a happy curiosity, to level the playing field it is necessary to point out a very sad one: during your campaign, you could happen to meet a busy tiefling to spy on a Githyanki patrol: if you try to talk to her and invite her to your camp, she will refuse your offer, pointing out that she prefers to explore the world alone.\r\nOnce you arrive at the Githyanki Asylum, you will unfortunately find her lifeless body in one of the prisons, after being tortured. You can choose to use the magic of speaking to the dead to unlock some details about it, making it definitely one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the entire game.\r\nThese are just a few examples, but we recommend you check out the full thread on the Reddit post that we attached previously to discover many other curiosities that you may have missed.\r\nWe remind you that in recent days two very important updates have arrived for Baldur’s Gate 3: not just the latest hotfix which has made Gale decidedly less impatient , but also a firmware update on Xbox Series about his character… he’s practically useless to the plot.

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