ASUS ROG announces the STRIX 650W and 750W power supplies

ASUS announced today that its line of gaming products STRIX is enriched with two new proposals designed for video games: these are the STRIX 650 power supplies W and STRIX 750 W PSUS , available now also in Italy with premium components and cooling technologies signed by ROG.

The intent, with the realization of these products , it was above all to guarantee performance and low noise : ASUS, in the official statement that presents the two power supplies, claims to have succeeded, thanks to its decades of experience, which does not compromise the noise level of the power supply even in use of the fan. Furthermore, the cooling looks directly to ROG Thor , using the same technologies used for the latest graphics cards. This is how the new PSUs with axial technology fans are born, capable of moving 21% more air but generating noise only for 25 dB.

Moreover, both power supplies are modular , which allows you to decide what to connect and optimize, in full order, the ssetto of your case.

The numbers give us a measure of the performance on which ASUS wanted to bet: “80 PLUS Gold efficiency means that with a load of less than 20%, both models waste less of 13% of the energy they absorb as heat. With a load of 50%, this figure is reduced to 10%. And at maximum capacity, the tolerance increases again to 13% “, writes the producer.

Both feeders will also count on customization , with a total-black design with details in red in which you can freely choose orientation and positioning, showing in short only what you like, and how you like, of your power supply, expressing your style.

ROG STRIX 650 W and ROG STRIX 750 W are available in Italy at list prices of € 139.90 and € 154.90 respectively (VAT already included). You can buy them both at physical retailers and at your trusted online retailer.

Source: Press release

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