Android revolution: new name, new logo

Android Q will no longer be called Android Q . It was officially announced by Google , which prepares a small revolution for its mobile operating system: it will have a new name and also a new renewed logo .

As for the name, we will say goodbye to the tradition of the initial of a different dessert – which in recent years have involved so many brands, from Oreo to Kit-Kat – passing to the traditional numbering. That’s why what was supposed to be Android Q will simply be Android 10 .

To accompany this innovation, also the renewal of the logo: the font of the writing changes and, with it, also the symbol of the android, now of a different color that can guarantee a greater contrast and also different in the proportions of curves, eyes and antennae. Moreover, the body part of the android has also been removed, which is now limited to the head only.

The use of the new logo will begin in the coming weeks, the Mountain View giant announced, which prepares the route for the future of Android.

What do you think of the new logo?

Source: Google

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