All the news announced by Nintendo during MAR10 Day

Every year MAR10 Day is the moment in which Nintendo and the entire gaming community celebrate one of the symbolic mascots of video games, which has now become a true icon of popular culture, with themed announcements and initiatives.\r\nThis year they are a few things happened so, if you forgot to celebrate Nintendo’s plumber/carpenter or were busy doing something else, we’ll tell you all the things you need to know.\r\nAs part of yesterday’s MAR10 Day celebrations , Nintendo has released a surprise video announcing the release dates of two titles, as well as some classic games on Nintendo Switch Online and also updates on the film saga.\r\nHere it is:\r\n\r\nPaper Mario: The Millennial Portal will return on May 23rd, with the GameCube era classic preparing to have a new life after 20 years on Nintendo Switch: this version features improved graphics, an updated soundtrack and new gameplay features.\r \nSimilar story for Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, which intrudes into the MAR10 Day celebrations to remind everyone that June 27th will be the time to return to exploring haunted houses, with the adventure originally published for Nintendo 3DS that arrives with improved graphics on Nintendo Switch.\r\nBut there is also room for classic Mario games, which will arrive on Nintendo Switch Online from March 12:\r\n\r\nDr. Mario\r\nMario Golf\r\nMario Tennis\r\n\r\nBrick fans had something to rejoice too, as Nintendo and LEGO revealed a teaser of what’s in the works in the LEGO Super universe Mario (which you can find on Amazon): the outline of a kart made of LEGO bricks next to a LEGO Mario figure. Yes, Mario Kart in the LEGO version is no longer a fantasy.\r\nFinally, in addition to the discounts on Nintendo eShop which we recommend you consult because there are really interesting things, Nintendo and Illumination have also provided an update on the next Super film Mario.\r\nShigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance in the video to announce that Nintendo is working together with Illumination on a new animated film based on the world of Super Mario Bros: the film will arrive on April 3, 2026 in the United States and in many other markets globally, with release in select territories during the month of April.

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