A new Mad Max game? George Miller already has a name (pretty obvious)

With Furiosa A Mad Max Saga in cinemas, director George Miller spoke about how he imagines a possible new Mad Max video game and, with little surprise, revealed that he wants Hideo Kojima to produce.\r\nAmong the two creatives is in fact already a very strong relationship, and it was not difficult to imagine that Miller wanted Kojima for a video game based on his film saga.\r\nHideo Kojima had already expressed great appreciation for Furiosa already from the first trailer, and in Death Stranding 2 we have discovered that George Miller has lent the face to one of the new characters that will arrive in the sequel to Kojima Production’s cult title.\r\nOn the red carpet of Furiosa, George Miller fantasized about what a Mad Max video game should be like.\r \n\r\nRecalling the old Mad Max video game, which you can easily find on Amazon at the best price, George Miller said that he has been asked several times to return to lend his saga to the world of video games.\r\nThe director has specified that he doesn’t like to do things just for the sake of it but, as a perfectionist that he is, if he has to embark on some project he must aim for perfection, or at least know that he has put in everything needed to achieve it.\r\nHideo Kojima would be one of the people he would turn to:\r\n\r\n«If he did it I would let him, he has so many fantastic things in his head! I would never ask him, but if he did I would throw myself, because I wouldn’t be able to.”\r\n\r\nAt this point we hope that the two can collaborate sooner or later, even outside of Death Stranding 2, because the project that could emerge from it would have so much potential.\r\nAs well as Kojima’s other projects, which are moving forward despite the total mystery.\r\nIntano Kojima Productions is continuing to collect heads, because Sam Lake is also finished in the studio’s gigantic archive.

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