A Jesuit priest is about to open a Minecraft server

A Jesuit priest revealed he had plans to launch a server of Minecraft.

Father Robert Ballecer, a former student of technology in Silicon Valley, thought of this server as a friendlier place where players can meet and have fun together.

“It’s not a question of technology, it’s not about gaming either” , explained Ballecer. According to the priest, “it is a question of putting people together, so that perhaps these relationships can translate into the real world”.

So much so that the priest had launched a survey for the choice of the game, showing that it has no particular interest in Minecraft or just that.

Among the other games in the survey we also find Rust, soon to be released also on consoles, Ark: Survival Evolved , Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft, in fact, which came out the winner with 64% of the preferences.


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