30% of Switch Lite buyers over the Christmas period already had a Switch

In recent days, Nintendo has released the numbers of its Switch , which has exceeded 52 million units worldwide. Of these, over 5 million are made up of Nintendo Switch Lite , the portable only variant of the hybrid console, which has a smaller body (display included), non-removable controllers and a lower price.

Some time ago, the Kyoto company claimed to have the goal of switching, for Switch, from one copy for each family to one copy for each person. The ambition, in short, was to make sure that each person had their own Switch, rather than playing with the one shared by the entire core. According to what President Shuntaro Furukawa said in the last session of questions and answers for investors, this is a process that we are actually witnessing.

Following the Christmas period, in fact, Nintendo stressed that about 30% of Nintendo Switch Lite sold, were purchased by those who already had Switch and wanted a second console. Previously, at launch, as many as 43% of buyers already had Switch, which means that, effectively, the portable platform is managing to make a breakthrough among those interested above all in the game on the move and perhaps want a terminal of their own, to take with you at will.

We remind you that Switch Lite is also available in Italy at the list price of € 219.99. The list price of Switch is instead equal to € 329.99.

Source: VGC

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