Square Enix held in great consideration the single player titles

In an interview with GameCentral, President and CEO of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, reassured fans that the company will continue to invest in single-player titles.

MATSUDA also explained what it means to “games as services” for Square Enix. In his words:

“The game has a very broad meaning as a service, can mean a lot of things! [laughs] Recently people discussed by loot boxes and peoplethey used correctly, I think everything is related to this bad perception that people have in the term “games as services”. But in reality, the way we’re looking at, it comes down to … the idea of keeping people engaged with our games enjoing them for long periods of time. This is the way we look really at issue. The way we use that expression, in fact … the general idea, especially for a single-player title, is the ideathe game has been released and continue to add more content to keep players engaged and enjoying the experience. And this helps to make a more complete adventure, bringing more users to the original game. This is the approximate approach that we bring to the idea, which is why we described the games as a service, in this regard. “

In other words, Square Enix will continue to distribute new content to its games to support them. And as for theloot box, Matsuda believes that should not belittle players from their gaming experience in any way.

“Obviously it’s very bad to have loot box which hinder the player’s experience, or diminish in any way the value. It is clearly not a good thing. You have to really think about what they do to add something to the overall experience, and how to adapt to it, including the overall design. I think it’s the way we should look at these things. “

Inlater, Matsuda has reconfirmed that Square Enix will continue to make single-player titles.

“We will make more games for single player, definitely. I think that in today’s market there are still multiple platforms, there are even more opportunities to bring single player titles to people. So, for example, the mobile games, we’re not just doing free titles, we are creating a real single player games, new releases of old titles, orbrand new products. Then cell phones should not only be for that kind of thing. Switch is another great single-player platform for games, so we have a lot of opportunities and we want to continue to carry out projects single player. “

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