Monster Hunter World even on Switch? Capcom thought for PS4 and Xbox One

For a long time, we had become accustomed to the exit of the new episodes of the series Monster Hunter on consoles Nintendo signed. It will not be the case with Monster Hunter: World, that on 26 January next year is expected on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There are chances to see him but also on Nintendo Switch? For the moment, seem more than small.

Monster Hunter World on Switch? The answer to CapcomA answer the question was Kaname Fujioka,Director of the project, which excluded a can port, whereas the game has been developed keeping in mind the two home consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

“Unfortunately, right now we can’t say if he will also arrive on Nintendo Switch» Fujioka responded to a colleague. «But there is space to be able to say that we will port the game on Nintendo. This is something that we have already said — we want to make sure that the gameIt is perfectly suited to the hardware that we took as a reference during development. This was the concept on which it is erected on game design, was our aim from the outset.»

“We wanted to adapt Monster Hunter to those systems [PS4 and Xbox One], then think fit even to other systems may not work this time. In the future, keeping in mind something like Nintendo Switch, we will think of as Monster Hunter can adapt to thisConsole.»

Imagine, then, that Capcom is willing to try to tread the path of Switch with a Monster Hunter specially developed in the future. For now, the series has landed on the console in Japan with the makeover of Monster Hunter XX, of which we are still waiting in our country.
We’ll see if and when there will be news about. Meanwhile, take a look at our preview videos of Monster Hunter World to find out what awaits you on PS4 and Xbox One.


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