Turnabout for Gone Home: the game arrives on consoles and has an official date

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Revealed the weight of Fast Racing NEO

The international magazine Nintendoeverithing.com unveiled during the day today, how much is the weight of Fast Racing NEO, the title coming to Wii U in a few days. The game will require a space of 590MB to be installed and once installed, the size of the title will come down

Splatoon: New Splatfest incoming

Nintendo Of Europe announced that the next Splatfest Splatoon to be held on December 12 at 19:00. This time players will be proposed the theme "Pineapple on pizza: yum or yuck?". For all the information about the game we refer to our dedicated board. Splatoon is an action in which

Super Mario Maker: The levels most interesting of the week

Italian Nintendo has posted on its official website levels the week of Super Mario Maker, creations of users who have distinguished themselves over the past seven days. Here they are with the code: Level: SGW 1-1: Soaring SkylinesAutore: Hawaii [US] Code: B6E0-0000-00DC-8004Livello: SMB3 8-in-1! Author: Frost [Ireland] Code: A2A9-0000-00F9- 74DALivello:


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