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Star Wars Battlefront – Review PC, PS4, Xbox One

Star Wars Battlefront – Review PC, PS4, Xbox One

Star Wars is one of the most famous sagas in the world, a brand for which fans would really crazy. With the imminent arrival in the halls of the new movie, the enthusiasm of all riesploso is like a volcano and it is not surprising to see products related to the film crowd the shelves, ready to ride the wave of its success assured. Our favorite media obviously could not refrain, and first Disney and then Electronic Arts reported on the Star Wars gaming platforms, facilitating the setting of the original trilogy rather than the one seen in the prequel directed by Lucas (especially about the return of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in the upcoming seventh episode).
The importance of this operation can be read on many levels, but I just think that even Battlefield was paused for a year to leave the field open to Battlefront, a situation unimaginable in any other circumstances.
The reins of the project, of course, still that DICE has certainly not pulled back in recent months when it came to show you the state of game development, encouraging the growth of a hype really exaggerated. Today we finally arrived at the long-awaited final verdict, a verdict which is to clear up any doubts about the title, now that every little secret was gutted during a long marathon game. Sheathed your lightsabers and start the holographic projector, it will be a long walk among the stars.

The basics
Working on an important story like Star Wars Battlefront is definitely not easy. Every slightest detail is supervised and also discussed the detail on the top floors of the heads of production. Given his previous narrative of DICE, not exactly as the top level, the obvious solution was to forget about all of any campaign or story mode, shaking off a problem that could come back like a boomerang. A pity, because in our opinion, on the whole, this is the biggest piece of the puzzle missing the entire package. To flesh out the range of leisure, not exactly rich and definitely lower than that proposed by the other shooter “competitors”, DICE then veered towards a number of competitive and cooperative game modes that you can make with bots or to share with a friend , both locally via split screen, but giving up the granite 60 frames per second, or through simple online co.
Substantially each of the four planets in Battlefront has recreated a map dedicated to each of the four modes available, bringing the total count to sixteen missions.
It starts from the classic skirmish of training, thanks to the dexterity with which to take the controls of various vehicles and hone the empathy with the gunplay, up to the now straconosciuta survival mode, you hold out for fifteen rounds in continuous waves of sodati and means enemies.
Three difficulty levels expected, with the last in a position to put a strain on your skills and thought to require, in addition to un’eccelsa aims and a good strategy, even a companion to organize at best, since the Blaster guided by the expert hands of AI are really lethal. All this however does not differ from that in other games where we have already used, making content a little more than a sop, a simple entertainment to give the player something different to do with massive online battles. The only stimulus to continue playing is given by a series of stars to be collected on each map, which will then unlock characters in a diorama, another element of simple outline and rather “forgettable”.
To close the circle of how we think the single player battles, which through a mechanical much like that of Kill Confirmed seen in Call of Duty will collide faction of the rebels against the Imperials, with lots of Heroes. In addition to two players we will think as always the AI, which plays the role of the lion this time, with an excellent strategic behavior and armament hazard increasing with the advance of the match, for games always fought in singleplayer.

Zomg Lazer Panda Pew Pew
It’s not particularly difficult to talk about the gunplay of Battlefront. The target audience for this year’s DICE is not in fact that of the strongest supporters of Battlefield (with which this game has very little to do), nor that of the shooter fans, but rather a huge mass of players who have only desire to go to battle as imperial and rebel in the hope of reliving the same situation seen in the movies. So forget special ballistic clashes or excessively difficult parts, in Battlefront everything superfluous has been removed with a quick stroke of a pen, leaving uncovered a skeleton basic but functional and, above all, fit for purpose. The sun arms 11 present, including heavy blaster, guns and sniper rifles of various types, are not balanced and a pair of these beat all other in each statistic, resulting extremely more effective. There is not even any need to accumulate killing sprees to activate power-ups on the battlefield, nor keep the grenades only for extreme times of need, considering that everything is related to simple cooldown. The game in its simplicity becomes a party of explosions, lasers that cross and soldiers flying upside down at any moment, a cluster of situations perfect to entertain anyone. Even the choice of means to bring up the tokens and special weapons in the middle of the maps is a decision that reflects this particular direction and that can be summarized simply by the desire to make people feel stronger every single player in the game, even if only for a kill . Similarly everyone can get the token to impersonate the heroes, you’re all right now, and here we see clearly unbalanced due to the desire to replicate the skills seen in films that elevate the experience of the game itself.
The initial impact may leave really displaced, but also those who want something more can find bread for his teeth, with a management classes rather than the usual. DICE has in fact eliminated the canonical build skills default, to give greater choice through a card system and power ups that can be mixed in freedom. As you level up you will unlock more powerful weapons and upgrades, as well as special features that will provide bonuses based on the amount of kill streak in battle. Select card bounty hunter for example, and the more you become more lethal enemies will have chance to drop tokens for weapons and turrets, or opt for traits that help to regenerate health or resistance to explosives, with the ability to change setup only between a game and the other but also to select any of the friends with whom you are playing online.

You could do more, but we do not complain
The heart of the game lies with its nine in online mode, a number not too high but not so poor, since these are still solid and well made. DICE, with most of them, wanted to play safe without overdoing it, and included interpretations of capture the flag, control point and even dl Rush, with At-At, unfortunately can not be controlled directly, and At-St instead of tanks and armored vehicles. Appear then also team deathmatch, obviously without any change, and the remarkable Fighter Squadron where to board the X Wing, Wing A, and Tie Fighter Interceptor, and fighting in the skies of the four planets found. The different game modes are carrying thirteen multiplayer maps, although in this count are considered narrow portions of the maps of Walker Assault mode, cropped and inserted for a small number of participants. Eight to forty players can now take part in the multi player, trying to earn credits and experience to level up and reach the cap, set the fiftieth level. There is enough variety to entertain long but, as we said initially, the players will remain stuck on the server because the atmosphere is recreated in a delicious and playability for everyone.
The icing on the cake comes from the battles between heroes, where everyone in turn embody Darth Vader, Palpatine, and Boba Fett against Han Solo, Leia and Luke Skywalker in battles to blow lightsaber.

Beautiful to see and hear
If the atmosphere is recreated so well, of course the credit goes to the technical sector that is by no means one of the best among the FPS this year. Except destructibility almost absent, it is practically impossible to move a criticism to what fielded by frostbite. The fighting in the clouds to sandstorms that rise on Tatooine and Sullust up the leaves and the trees of Endor, we pay attention to detail, and with this quality we regret even more the lack of a solid single-player mode.
Also superlative sound with samples taken directly from the film and a classic soundtrack creepy for fans of Star Wars. some people certainly customizations of the soldiers, but not the weapons, unfortunately, related only to the heads, with only two additional options for armor.
Exceptional animations make the battles spectacular to see a job done on the heroes looked after but not at the level of troops based inexplicably, and even vehicles, with their simple control system, they are played with a wealth of details incredible.
Battlefront finally has two separate rooms, allowing players to battle in the third person, or directly enter the cockpit of the aircraft, sublime diving but much more complex than handling.

The Good

  • Technically impressive
  • Sublime atmosphere
  • Very funny, in its simplicity
  • Fair amount of multiplayer

The Bad

  • Missing a story mode
  • Weapons, cards and heroes not balanced
  • Split Screen available for the missions only
  • No real innovation

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